We dont know each other for long. BUT. Is it terrible to ask about being on facebook after having sex twice?

I asked him if he was on facebook via whatsapp. He never reply.. I'll see him tomorrow at an event we both will be working, but surely I dont know how should I act? His attitude is really messing with the vibe I thought we had. Was it to soon to ask? Why not even say something silly to go around it? So intriguing...


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  • I'm very cautious about giving out my Facebook because my kids are on my friends list

    • A part of me doesn't really care. I actually respect privacy. But now I'm just thinking he is hiding something...
      I'll stay cool tho..

    • Kind of what I was hinting at

  • umm depends on who you. feel are you. really i to the person or are you just using them for sex


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