“People you may know” option on fb?

How does Facebook come up with it?
why do some people appear on my people you may know feed for long periods of time and others are gone after a day?
is it mutual on both sides for people you may know? Basically if they come up on mine do I come up on theirs?


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  • so whenever you or someone else installs like a messenger or Facebook up there phone it uploads your contacts list. they take that and compare it to other peoples contacts list and any matches it pops up you may know each other. another way is mutual friends. another way is if you're constantly in the same general location as someone like says if your nabor pops up or someone you met one time at a club and had like a one night stand with your some crazy shit like that. there are other ways but i think u get the point.

    • There is this guy who I’m not friends with
      But we have mutual friends. One my old fb he popped up after months.
      On my new fb he popped up and then went away again
      But it’s weird because two people related to him popped up all the time on mine and we have the same mural friends if that makes sense
      But all the other people who pop up stay there or i kind of know by face

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    • It won’t let me dm you

    • i think you added me i added u back so once you accept you should be able to dm me

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  • Based on your contact list and similar schools, city, industry etc.


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