I got rejected, right?

There's this girl in my gym class who I've talked to probably only like once or twice. And those times it was probably just small talk. I always thought she was cute but never really went out of my way to talk to her. The other she pokes me on Facebook (Don't ask). And I completely overanalyze that and think I have a shot with her. I tell my friends about it. And they fully convince me to ask her out. So two days later. I ask her if she wants to go bowling this weekend. She says if she's not doing anything. The next day she tells me that she Snapchats me and says "I actually have plans sorrryyy". Of course, there was a little bit more to it that that, but yeah. I'm guessing where I went wrong was asking her out without knowing her that well?


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  • It's not necessarily a rejection. She may have been discussing with her friends about going out at the weekend, but they made no definite arrangements. So that's how she had to get back to you the next day. So once she knew her plans to go out with her friends were definite , she had to turn your offer down

    After she said she had definite plans
    " this weekend" you should have then asked her if she was free for the weekend after. If she made an excuse a second time, I'd take it as a rejection.

    • I thought if she doesn't suggest another time that means she doesn't really want to go?

    • Not always. Women don't all think the same way.. Some may suggest another wee, k but some won't

  • I don’t think you did anything wrong at all. It could be that something came up or maybe she got nervous.
    Just carry on as normal, chat to her etc and see if things progress.


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  • Doesn't seem like you did something particulary wrong, except for maybe tell all your friends about it.

    I don't know what the precise conversation was, but if she simply said: I already have plans, after telling you, I would like to go with you, if I don't have any plans, then that doesn't necessarily mean she is rejecting you. It could also simply mean that she, in fact, does already have plans.

    • She never really said she'd like to go though. She said she didn't think she was doing anything and then ended up having plans. I could kinda tell when she left it vague like that that she was most likely gonna end up "having plans".

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