Why does he take hours to respond to my msgs?

He usually initiates the convo but takes a long time to respond. I msged him like at 10 this morning and he didn't get back to me until 9 at night, it goes on like that all the time. He says he's busy working but I don't understand.


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  • It's not that he's not interested, it's probably just to not get sucked into conversations. The point is to make them aware you still exist and have a few exchanges, but you don't want to get a text in the morning and then get sucked into an all day text conversation. I'd rather text a bit at night or just intermittently. There's also picking what you say, you think of what to say and have fewer and better exchanges rather than word vomit or just going blank. You can have nothing to say off the top of your head even though you like her and even though guys are fine with being that way, girls don't like that.

    • So how could he even be interested?

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    • Well you see now why that's an impractical thing to believe.
      You have a personal responsibility to pursue and hold onto what makes you happy. If you're waiting for other people to fall into your lap then that's not doing it right, especially since they don't even necessarily believe these same things as you. At any point you should ask what can YOU do to make things work here. If you exhausted all your options and nothing came of it then you should think about looking elsewhere.

    • Thanks.

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  • If he doesn't work 13 hours a day, just know he is not that interested no matter how much he might say it. Actions speak louder than words

    • He works 16-17 hours a day and I don't message him first, he msgs me and asks how I'm doing, every 2 days.

    • Oh I see. Then he must be really busy with work. 16 hours is definitely a LOT of work. Just put yourself in his shoes

    • He knows I miss him but I think it's time for me to step back a bit.

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  • Would you rather him be texting you nonstop? This kind of thing happens a lot. I wouldn't take it to personally. Some guys don't like to text that much. Me personally I'd rather be having a conversation with the person in front of me. Then being rude to the person I'm talking with and texting someone

  • It won’t change so you have a decision


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