Short answers? Is she shy?

In person she seems more open than via sms. She just send some short answers etc, but in person she talks more. I dont want to seems like im spamming (im not lol, but it seems like that).


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  • It’s sometimes difficult to have long conversations on text as there’s no body language, tone etc and less connection so it could just be easier for her to chat openly in person. Also if you’re only asking questions like what time to meet and where, they’re not going to elicit long responses.

    • I got that but i feel that she doesn't like to chat, im trying to keep conversation going on, but its really hard. Thanks 👍

  • How do you know her.
    What is it you are saying to her.

    • Nothing too much, where to meet and those sorts of things

    • Well if that's all you are asking then of course the answer will be short

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