How far would a guy let his friends influence his decisions?

If a girls told you she liked you and it came as a surprise to you what would you do? Would you tell your friends? If you told your friends what would they say? What would you say as a friend? If your friends didn't approve (for whatever reason) would you let this factor into whether or not you give her a chance? Why wouldn't your friends approve? Would your friends expectations even factor into this whole situation?How far would a guy let his friends influence his decisions?


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  • If she told me she liked me, my reaction would entirely depend on whether or not I liked her as well. If I liked her as well I'd obviously be very happy and I'd ask her out. Otherwise I'd try my best to let her down nicely.

    I probably wouldn't tell my friends, I'm not going to gossip. She's been brave and opened herself up to me and that can remain between us. I'd only tell my friends if I liked her too and we started going out.

    If my friends didn't like a girl I was seeing, I would want to know why and I would consider their reasons, but ultimately if I like her - that's final. My friends and I are all very supportive of each other and our decisions anyway.

  • I would take my decision THEN maybe tell my friends. I don't like to be influenced.


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