I totally screwed up the 2nd date.. what should I do?

Hi, there all the girl and guys,

I met this girl about one month ago while traveling. We had great chat and went on an instant date the next day to tour around the city. She had to leave to visit another friend at the end of the day, so we exchanged numbers and she said I should visit her hometown.

We had been exchanging flirty texts pretty often for the past three weeks while I was traveling. I even suggested cuddling that kind of flirty text. Two days ago, I finally made it to her city to visit her. I arrived and crashed at her place pretty late like around 10:30 pm.

After I arrived, we took turns taking shower. After I finished taking shower, she was sitting on her bed with her pajama and cell phone, so I sat down next to her and we started chatting (P. S. I had not been intimate with a girl for many years, so at this points, I was really nervous).

I finally gathered enough courage to put my hands around her waist while we were having a conversation.
At one point we were looking up zodiac sign compatibility and she looked into the sexual compatibility part (I think at this point I was supposed to escalate to be more physical, but because I was really nervous I didn't know what to do). We went to bed around 4am.

She asked me to sleep on the air mattress, so I replied but I thought we were gonna share the bed (That's was my original plan to escalate...). She said she needs space. I ended up sleeping on the air mattress.

The next day, she toured me around the city. At one point I was trying to hold her hand and she said what are you doing? I said Trying to hold my date's hand. She said she is not interested in dating.

Anyways, she became a bit cold afterward. I did self-reflect on this and I think I totally screwed up on the night when I was supposed to escalate sexually. She probably felt humiliated by me

What are your thoughts?
What should I do?



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  • I am going through a nightmare if you read my question.

  • You should

    • errrr... I feel really bad now..
      I really like her. what should I do?

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