Does my boyfriend like her?

My boyfriend works with this girl and they have been work friends before we even met. Sometimes I come around and she looks uncomfortable when him and I are together. And when I was about to leave he hugged me with one arm to the side like the one you would give a distance cousin you don't really talk to and he didn't even kiss me. It was the end of everyone's shift and everyone was getting in their cars... He usually gives me a big hug and even lifts me off of the ground and kisses me countless of times but this time was different she was in the parking lot this time and when I asked him about it he said he just feels uncomfortable around certain people because he thinks they are going to judge... Also at the beginning of our relationship he told me he used to like her a while back..
So girls and guys what do you guys think? Does he like her now?


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  • Hard to say without being there and knowing them, but I suspect there is some reservoir of feelings for her hidden somewhere, but he isn't acting on it.


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