How should I go about telling/showing a girl i'm interested in her on Facebook/Instagram? (Not sure if i'll see her irl again)?

So... for the past like 2-3 years at uni, i've always thought this particular female was attractive, we had quite a few classes together & I wanted to talk to her but I didn't know what to say or when to say it. She seems really nice, friendly, pretty much someone who comes across as a girl who i'd be really comfortable around, wouldn't judge me blah blah.

But since i'm shy, I never did anything about it. But one situation that did happen was she stood next to me & while I watcher her in the corner of my eye I looked at her body language, she seemed nervous/shy & then looked up at me and asked me about my mate who I was waiting on to arrive for the uni that morning. We talked for about 5 mins before the class started, we interacted a bit but nothing much at all.
That day followed her on Instagram, added her on Facebook & we talked for a couple days but she didn't reply more than once or twice a day & what we talked about wasn't anything interesting.
I also didn't think she was single at the time for whatever reason so I just "gave up".

I'm not sure if i'll see her at uni again, I haven't this semester at all (which I noticed straight away because we had at least one unit together for the past 3 years & I was actually kinda sad when she wasn't in any units cause I was going to commit & just go up, talk to her and try and be a "friend" - but it wasn't meant to be so here I am.

So pretty much, how should I go about expressing/showing/telling her that i'm interested, without coming off too strong/too quickly, creepy, etc? In my mind the easiest way is to just message her something along the lines of;

"Hey, um so i've wanted to say this for a while but i've been too shy to do it, i'd love to spend time with you & get to know you better if you wanted to hang out sometime"?

Okay that's shit I know, but along those lines. Remember, we've barely talked, I don't know if i'll see her irl again either & I don't know what the fuck i'm doing.

HELP? Thought appreciated.


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  • If i were you , i'd send her hi and talk about something and ask if she could find time. in her schedule to meet for a coffee. I don't know if she's anything like me it would be like shocking and i'd say okay and then be like why did i said that? And then go into hating myself to hating the guy and then cancel. Yeah i'm a mess but i don't think being forward is the key in this.


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  • this happened so many times to me. that I’ll speak up now..
    It’s a long shot , but I’d message her.

    • And say what? How do I message her, when do I message her?

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    • If she liked you too, it won’t ruin anything..

    • I didn’t think she was interested, which is why I stopped interacting in the first place (pretty sure I said that too - used the entire word limit so maybe not)

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