Would you try swinging?

Recent poll - on ShagAddicts. com said that 75% of couples have considered swinging!!!
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  • If I was in a relationship with someone, then possibly, if both of us were open to it, as it sounds really fun.

    However, I've never been in a relationship and the thought of my girlfriend/wife or even myself having sex with someone else whilst in a relationship together, may be a bit over the top, so it's hard to say, but I it may be yes, if we were together for a long time and wanted to try something a bit more new in the bedroom, to liven things up.

  • A poll on Shagaddicts. com where there are only sex addicts. Perfect place to find accurate data of general population.

  • A poll from a site called ShagAddicts. com is hardly going to be representative of the general population, is it?


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