I have made so many mistakes?

i do not know how to forgive myself. I really do not... i was this happy bubbly girl a few years ago who created this huge mess for herself and now she is all alone. I completely ruined it... i ignored my sister for years and i wasn't even mad at her... i faked mental illnes instead of facing my problems... i forced myself to be unhappy instead of being happy. Everyday i wish i could go back and fix it.. just fix it but i can't.


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  • "I do not know how to forgive myself" - That's the one person who can never forgive you. You need to understand that! When you realise the truth in this, you must learn to forget it, not forgive.
    You can't go back and change things.. so you must learn from your mistakes and move on. Change it now so the future is better. That's the only way to deal with the past.

  • No you can't go back so how about starting to make the here and now better


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