How do you attract a woman?

i feel like i've tried everything. I do feel like i'm rather boring but fun loving. I'm told women want you to be yourself but clearly that isn't true. a friend of mine said ask every woman you see out and then pick which one you like from that group to stay with. To me that seems hurtful. And what about forming a relationship with someone you have something in common with. He says that's my problem right there.
I'm not just trying to get laid. Honestly why is it always about sex with women? I just want to build a relationship with someone i love and loves me back. Why is that so hard? I get that women want to be desired (who doesn't) And i could pretend to have feelings for her but i feel that's dishonest. But i always lose out to the guy who lies because he doesn't draw that line.


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  • Take heart, because you are only 17. It takes time to develop some things about yourself that appeal to women. What to do:

    1. Build up your economic value and maintain / improve your physical shape. Don't compete against others--that will just bring you down and make you miserable--just compete against *yourself*. I hope that makes sense.

    Believe it or not, by the time you are 30, if you:
    --are unmarried without kids,
    --with a stable and reasonably well paying job,
    --in reasonably decent physical shape,
    --with no criminal record, and
    --you own a home of your own, even a modest one,

    You WILL be desirable, as the women start realizing their partying days are over and they need a real guy as spouse material.

    2. Try an older "Cougar" divorcee, who wants to "get her groove back". She might just be the one to break you in. Your initial lack of game in such a situation will be non-threatening, and therefore downright appealing, to an older divorcee. And by interactions of this nature, you will get "game". No, the relationship probably will not last, but it will be mutually beneficial at first. And then, by the time you are the age of the Cougars yourself, you may even be trolling for younger babes! Or you may have already found someone and settled in.

    3. Try putting out a personals ad online. You can meet people from the privacy of your home, then call them up, then meet. If it does not work out, no bad repercussions, unlike school or work. Avoid public situations where asking them out leads to humiliation and failure. Avoid noisy dance clubs where you can't actually talk to them. Like me, I am betting you cannot dance without looking foolish, and slam dancing in the mosh pits does not count (am I revealing my age here? So be it).

    4. As above, Pour yourself into school / work. Make more money and/or build up skills to make more money. Or if you find an academic interest that excites you, go for it. This is always good.

    5. Exercise. You are already doing this, but you say you have no results? Even if utterly non-sporting, it is good just to hike, bike, or lift weights. Don't compete against anyone--that will make you feel worse--just compete against yourself.

    6. Look into antidepressant meds. They can really help in some cases.

    7. Done enough of the above? Then develop an interest that takes you someplace you haven't been. It doesn't have to be anything special or even costly, just anything to change things up.

    • "I'm not just trying to get laid. Honestly why is it always about sex with women?"

      Well of course, you want the full blown love of your life, but the desires of men are what they are.

      "I just want to build a relationship with someone i love and loves me back."

      Wrong choice of word with "just". You might just want to have sex; you do not just want to have the love of your life! What you are desiring is a much bigger order indeed.

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    • I am not intending to be condescending at all. I wish you luck.
      "it just seems impossible to find in women this day and age."

      It is. :( and it wasn't any better 30 years ago either.

    • Thank you

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  • You can't attract every women. Some will be into you and others won't.

    So just be yourself


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  • I think you just haven't found the right now. hang in there

  • Be an attractive guy

    • If that were true all women would be chasing the top 10% of men.

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    • I somewhat agree with that. Woman follow no logic to me.

    • They do once you watch them for a while. They have their nuances about them but they're typically all the same

  • Somehow

  • I bet that @mezzymezzmez can tell you. 😃💕

  • Be a non-conformist and flirt.
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • Having money, or the appearance of having money (e. g., driving a nice car, dressing like you have money).

  • Have money

    • Women, in general, have no morals or standard when it comes to a guy with money. It's generally the one thing which will drives them above all else.

  • Be yourself. Be passionate about things you do and may be you will find someone who will want to know more about you.


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