But what's wrong with non-virgin guys only being in relationships with virgin girls?

What happened to freedom of choice? we all know virgin girls like guys with experience. Stop hating yo.


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  • Freedom of choice means no one's stopping you from doing it. No where does it say other people have to like it, or even approve of it. You want the freedom to make choices, then you're also choosing to accept the consequences for those choices.

    • Even so what's wrong with having a preference for virgin girls. Some women prefer tall guys some prefer short. Why do guys get all the hate for dating virgin girls.

    • And nobody ever gets flak for other such preferences, right? The same principle goes for all such preferences - you demand more of your partner than you yourself are offering, you're gonna look bad.
      Either we both have the right to freedom, or neither of us does. So either you stop having a preference, or you accept that I get to have an opinbion on your preference. It's really not rocket science.
      I'd say the real question is, why do you feel attacked by what a bunch of people who you don't know, and who don't know you, might think of your private matters. Is it really other people not being ok with it that bothers or, or do you somewhere deep down think it's not ok yourself?

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