Why would a guy say he won't hurt a girl but do it anyways?

Not the physical hurt the other hurt.
And would any of you guys tell a girl that but won't mean it especially when you know she been hurt before?


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  • Guys are dumb sometimes they don't always fully think of their actions and how it will effect girls. Some are just players that don't care but others just don't see what girls clearly can. Guys think there is no problem but they can't see the consequences in the moment or in the future. They don't see how they will impact the girl or how seriously a girl will take it. They see it played one way in their head but it turns out much differently than they think

  • This usually happens because of poor communication skills


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  • Sorry if you were hurt. I learned long ago that no one knows what tomorrow brings. I will tell a girl that it might happen, I can't say I won't because people have their arguments in a relationships.


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