Can you guys help me figure out if he has a gf?

(Before you guys ask no his insta had no girlfriend on it, even look through his tagged photos) So i talked to this guy for a month before we actually met. We had been planning for me to come to orlando. When i couldn’t afford it, he offered to fly me down. Before we jump the gun we never even mentioned sex while getting to know eachother. So long story short he flew me to orlando. There were some red flags like vagisil and female bodywash in the guest bathroom. But i just figured we aren’t exclusive i can’t get too mad. So we had a great weekend (sex was involved) i leave and we still chat it up like normal. But then i started to realize he started sending me disappearing vids via instagram dms. Like totally avoid using his phone? While he was initiating convo i kept feeling like he was hiding something. We haven’t spoke in 5days now.


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  • No girl would just “forget” things when just staying over at a guy’s house. Not even a relative would. So yes, I think he’s taken and just used you.

    • Thanks for answering so i’m right in thinking so?

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    • I don't know dumb girl in me wants to think there’s more to it but it’s not and ii know this. Just needed validation.

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