Why do most men think every girl is easy?

Random men sometimes try to talk to me or feel me out. But I was raised to ignore strangers and keep it pushing. Many men dislike me after ignoring them. I don't care.

I seen a guy ask for a random girls number in the store and asked her out to dinner and she said yes!!! I watch too much lifetime movies, law and order and criminal minds for that kind of life.

My ex ended up dumping me because even though I'm quiet, introverted and never did anything sexual with him - he said I was easy cause I was always talking about my life story. I just really get emotional about my life story...

He ended up getting a new girlfriend and said she was independent and focused and he barely even knew her. I'm going to medical school and I study all day. I never partied, drunk, smoke or did drugs. I never even touched him.. so I was like... What?

Anyways. Please answer the question.


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