How can I improve my self esteem from having two missing front teeth and missing back teeth?

It seems women are willing to put up with most physical flaws on a man: overweight, pimples, small dick, hair loss, too much body hair, too skinny. But the one flaw they unanimously hate is bad teeth. Well I don't have a choice in fixing mine because it would cost over $12,000 to fix just the necessary teeth that are missing, plus another $10,000 for braces.
I didn't lose my teeth because I chose to be irresponsible with my dental hygiene, I lost most of my teeth when I was homeless: no access to dental care, no tooth brush, two front teeth were broken when I got my head kicked in by some gangbangers. And I lost most of my back teeth from eating pre-made food.

I'm pretty much fucked with my dental health until the USA decides to implement better dental insurance.
What can I do about my self esteem?


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  • I lost most of my top teeth caused by a side-effect of some meds I had to take for 2 years so I get it. Luckily I don't have a visible smile so most people never notice but I am self-conscious about it. I don't have the money to have it fixed so I am stuck with it.

  • Dude, get a second option in the dentist. you prob just want the missing two front teeth

    • I've gotten third, fourth and fifth opinions even from low cost dentists. Dental care in the US is expensive because of the corrupt insurance companies.

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