Guys! Have you ever dated/married/had relationship with single mother? How did it go?

Still together? Pls share your stories about dating single mommies. I heard it can be quite the disaster?


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  • Yeah. Last 6 months. Sex was great, but nothing else was. Worst girlfriend I ever had.

    • Interesting. Can you share a bit more pls? Like what things were bad? How it went?

    • * Lasted 6 months

      She was somewhat older than me and was just interested in sex, nothing else (she was 39). I never met her kid, actually, which was fine, but she had her mom living with her and helping with the kid, and she didn't want to admit to her she had a boyfriend. This meant she had to come up with all sorts of contortions to meet up for sex. We also never went on a proper date, which was annoying. Dysfunctional.

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