Guy sits behind me in math class (college) how do I start talking to him?

Im in college and in my math class there is a boy who sits right behind me and i think he is cute. We just did the first week of school and i see him 2 times a week. Based off of what i observed so far he is quiet. He wore a punisher shirt which sparked my interest too. He wears glasses and has nice hair lol. There is a good 5 minutes where i can talk to him before school starts but when the professor comes in i can't cause we all have to pay attention the whole time. I am having a problem as to finding a reason to turn around and talk to him. I know i could ask for help with a problem from homework but i know how to solve them and if he sees my paper he will see that i am just playing dumb. I also dont want to dumb myself down either. I never date or have experience and i can muster up the confidence to talk to him thats not the issue it is more like the reason and what i should say to him. Please help me i am not shy or whatever i just want to have a chance without looking dumb.


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  • A girl who sat in front of me in class once started a convo by asking me how I did on the last test.


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