Ex girlfriend reached out and we got together , but after two weeks already caught her in a lie on her B day. Is this a big deal?

So after being together for 2 years , me and my ex girlfriend broke up and had no contact for 10 months ( she text me , but I didn’t reply). Out of the blue she said her dog dies and sends a crying face. This initiates things and we meet up twice with some making out. She states she’s not seeing anyone and she had missed me.
Her B Day was in a week and half so I offered to take her out. She declined saying she had her kid all weekend. So I say ok and send her flowers and a gift by mail on Friday. She doesn’t reply that she got them until Sunday night ! So she had t been home all weekend or slept there. I got no pics of her and any girlfriend night outs. So I can only assume she was with someone else. I pressed her on not seeing the gifts for 2 days and she finally says “I’m a grown women , and I do what I want” “I don’t have a bed time “. So what do u guys think? should I care , is this already a big lie about her reasons for not getting together on B day? I know we are r together but this still feels like a slap on face. Thanks.


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  • She's an ex for a reason. Sorry dude.


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