I like a guy in my math class who sits behind me in college?

I want to talk to this guy who sits behind me in math but i dont know what to talk about. I also dont want to dumb myself down either. He is quiet.


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  • Talk about math. Ask for help whether you need it or not.
    It's a classic technique women use to meet guys and get them to be BFs. My first girlfriend used it on me. I tutored her in physics, but she really didn't need it.

    • What would i say?

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    • Even if my fat ass sits in front of him all semester. I am in college by the way

    • What am I supposed to say?

      You want to talk to him.
      I told you how you can get that started.
      If, after that, he really doesn't want to talk much to you, then that's it.
      You can try again, but if he doesn't respond, then that's it and you need to move on to being into another guy.

  • Try asking him if he can lend you a pen because "yours is not writing."


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