I confessed to my crush! Did he reject me?

I texted my crush this; I don't know who I am for you, but honestly I like you and he said;
You are a cute girl, but we need to know each other

Call me stupid or naive but I don’t understand his reply?


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  • Please confess this, lol.

  • He hasn't rejected you, he feels he can't date you, until he knows what you are like as a person. Going into a relationship blind, and not knowing them, is dangerous, cause you nothing about them, or what they are like as a person.

    My brother has done with 2 girls, and myself, couple months down the line, he and I didn't like their personalities.
    Its always best, to take your time to get know someone as friends, then take from there.
    I think if you get on great as friends, its best foundation for a relationship.
    Its like if rushing to get somewhere like work in car, you have more chance of having an accident. Cause you driving at high speed, and you taking more risks, to get there on time.

    • Look you are 21 years old, you are still very young. Stop rushing every thing, enjoy your life, just enjoy having friends as guys, get t oknow them, get to understand how they work. Once you have a few years experience under your belt of being friends guys, you will know what to do. trust me, guys are not complicated. Its the individual that complicated not the gender. Sorry sound patronizing. I am just saying from my experience.

    • Just cause you have crush on someone, doesn't mean you have to act on them. I know the feeling having a crush on someone, its horrible. But you have to control your feelings, otherwise you will get yourself in to a world of hurt. feelings are not facts, and they not reality.

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