How did your boyfriend ask you out?


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  • We had been lab partners in chemistry all semester, and our lab table had gotten along really well. It was a combination of all the fun we had, our teacher, and getting good grades on stuff regardless of goofing off. I had a really good reputation with the teacher: I was a wizz at chemistry. I never had to study, and he used my test as the answer key for all the other tests every single time we took one. Yeah, he literally printed about 100 copies of my test and just handed them out to the class.

    Why was this necessary to the story? Well, that teacher and I got along really well, and it was clear that he knew that I had my shit together in that class 100% of the time. So he didn't care when my lab table would just banter and talk when we could have been doing work. Or when we would just draw on the white boards for fun. Or when they would all watch me compete in a typing game everyday after we wizzed through the lab.

    That was the kind of banter and fun that my lab table had, so it was no surprise that there were some strong emotional connections that we developed out of it. Namely, my boyfriend had a bit of a crush on me. I didn't realize this, of course, until he asked me out. I'm getting to that.

    Fast forward to the last week of school before final exams. I was gearing up to ask a guy out that I had been trying to impress all semester when suddenly one of his friends, who is one of my best friends, learned of my plans. He and the rest of my friends spent the next two days convincing me that this fuck boy was a horrible guy, that he had been with 15 girls at one time, and that he was basically the go-to-guy that girls cheated on their boyfriends with. After a lot of convincing, I gave him up.

    The next day at school, chemistry class was winding down, and my boyfriend casually asked me "I know you're busy this summer, but do you want to get lunch some time?" I said something like "sure" with a smile and a peppy voice.

    We've being going out for three months, and it's basically been bliss. I couldn't have asked for a better, more special man.


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  • I would suggest to keep going on dates and let things go naturally. Most girls who really want to be with a guy end up bringing it up themselves

    • If I asked a girl out I never had luck. If I waited for her to do so, by somehow making it easy to do so, a girl hits me up every couple of weeks.

      That's science. Show you are social and friendly talk with everybody. Girls will go into your orbit by themselves.

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