This girl keeps touching me, how can I tell her to stop?

There is this girl in my circle of friends that keeps making physical contact with me and it's annoying me. I gave her a ride home ONCE after we both attended a birthday party and it was midnight so I thought it would be safer if I drove her home instead of her taking the subway. From that day on, she suddenly got all touchy feely with me touching my arms and my back. I am seriously grossed out. The thing is, I don't have any valid reason to stop her behavior since she hasn't said that she likes me yet. If she did, I would have rejected her and stop this, but she doesn't say it, and it's clear that she likes me. I can't just tell her to stop because a lot of the other girls in my circle of friends also do the same thing, but I don't mind them doing it because they're hot. I don't want to be mean to her so how can I tell her to stop in a nice way? Mind you, she has been doing this touching for quite some time now so I don't want to make it weird like I suddenly have a problem with it. Please help. Thanks a lot.

ps: call me shallow or an asshole or whatever, I don't want girls I'm not attracted to to touch me. and despite my profile, I am a guy.
I made a mistake while creating my profile, I was too lazy to make another one. Now please focus on the my main question.


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  • Pepper spray her

    • obviously I can't do that

    • of course you can...
      its a violation of your rights... if she doesn't stop... and you told her verbally... pepper spray her LOL

    • I haven't told her, I have been nice on the surface to her, but deep down, I hate it. How do I tell her verbally without making it weird like I'm singling her out of all the other women? Yes, she's unattractive.

  • Um how can you be a guy you’re pink. Like dis you sign up on GAG in the dark or in a foreign language? That’s easy button to hit - male or female? 😂


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