She initiates everything (hang outs, texting, etc), but is cold/non-responsive/non-committal whenever I try to initiate anything?

Help me out here because I'm confused asf. Several women that I've been talking to recently have totally flipped the script on me. Whenever I try to initiate anything (texts, dates, etc) I get the cold shoulder. They reject it, complain how busy they are, or don't respond. But only to later come around and initiate communication or hangout completely on their terms?
Am I being used for attention by these women and that's all?

For some background, I've been improving myself a lot recently professionally and health wise and I've notice I'm at a level where I make a lot of women nervous to interact with me. Ever since this has started, the above has started happening.


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  • I think you may be being used. Are you having sex with these women?

  • Yea it's called social anxiety.


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