Guys, why would a guy be all up in his friend and a random girl's conversation. Is it because of jealousy?

So I was talking to a guy after he satt beside me in a bench. I didn't know him beforehand. He was with his friend but he left to somewhere before he came to talk to me. We were talking for a while for like 15min. Then his friend came back and stood right infront of us and joined our conversation. He introduced himself to me. It was clear that the first guy was interested in me and wanted to ask for my number but the friend made the situation awkward. The latter guy even complimented my appearance in the convo lol.

Anyway the first guy did eventually ask for my number despite akwardness. Right before the first guy was asking for my number the latter guy was acting impatient... Like he was in a hurry to somewhere.
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  • More likely he was impatient to go somewhere else.


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