Why did he leave early on the first date?

Ok so we planned on meeting up at 10 at McDonald's, but he texted me saying he would be late because his friend was having an emergency. He got there about half an hour later. While we were together he was super nice and was really good at keeping the conversation going. Instead of earing at McDonald's he led the way back to his car and then drove us back to my dorm. I thought he just wanted sex and I was getting a little nervous, but when we got there he sat across from me and we just talked and had fun. Then his phone started going off a lot. He would always apologize and ask if he could answer it and i'd be like yeah np. While he was on the pho e he was saying something about "ok then tell them to just come over to my dorm." I don't know what was going on but after he hung up he got more texts and then he apologized and said his friend was having an emergency and he had to leave. Was he not into me? Did he just make up an excuse to leave? I was kinda annoyed by him coming late and I thought it wasn't gonna work out but I really liked talking to him so i'm confused on why he left so abruptly.
Forgot to mention: when he left he gave me a hug and when I said do you wanna hang out again he said yeah definitely
He just texted me to apologize again for leaving early and to say he had a good time with me/he'd like to hang out again


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  • It's hard to tell for sure because you two are so young. The thing about young people is that they tend to be rude and self-absorbed, but assuming that this guy wasn't clueless, I would say that he wasn't that into you. But either way, does it matter? You two are at an age where you have more romantic options than you'll ever have again. Don't write this guy off, but at the same time, don't pass up on chances to go out with other guys either. See what's out there, go out on lots of dates and have some fun.

    • Did you see my updates tho?

    • Yeah I did, but it doesn't really change anything because of how young people are. Eventually, you'll realize how unique your current life situation really is in that everyone your age is basically single, available, and active looking. But at the same time, you guys are also young so it means that you guys are unreliable and selfish. Because of that, you'll learn to judge a person by their actions, not by their words. All because he "said" he was interested in hanging out again and he "said" he was sorry that he left early doesn't begin to override the fact that he kept looking at his phone and left early on a date. Does it mean that he's not interested? No, it doesn't -- he could just be a rude young person. However, be sure to always look out for yourself and make sure that you're having fun. It could turn out that this was just a slip up on his part and you two are destined for lots of future fun so don't write him off, but don't invest everything in him either.

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