First date ended up weird?

Hi I am an Asian guy and I went on for a first date with another Asian girl. We met on the matrimony website and spoke for 3 weeks before we met. We are seriously interested in getting married if everything work out and if we like each other. I drove 5 hours to meet her and to take her on the first date. We met and she seemed genuinely excited. We went to a movie and then to a dinner and then for a late night drive. Both are excited and felt comfortable with each other. She asked me to stay in her apartment and I did. However she did not tell me where I should sleep and she went and slept in her bed. So I took the liberty to go sleep in her bed and she did not resist. I did not try to touch because I am not sure if she is ready for romance. Surprisingly she tried to touch me with her hand several times and I tried to reciprocate, but she resisted. So we ended up not having sex. She woke up in the morning and completely turned cold and I started seeing a different person all together. I returned back home and haven’t heard anything from her at all and she completely ghosted on me. No messages or calls or don’t even tell me what is this all about. It’s been a week since this happened and I am really confused and not able to understand why she is doing this. I called her and she hasn’t returned my call, but she texted back saying that she is not feeling well and she will talk later. Could anyone please tell me why this girl is doing this?
She don’t answer my calls
Probably right but curiosity is killing me


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  • Ask her

    • Leave her...
      If someone is not making an effort to be in ur life, then it is uesless.

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