My boyfriend has a female friend he is really close with, and apparently he had a fling with her before we dated. Should I be worried?

Also to add on, we are long distance. I go to college and he’s a senior in highschool and so is his friend but we see each other at least once a week for the most part. However, a couple weeks ago on a group date he would spin her around as she jumped on him just to greet him. She didn’t know I was there but he did and yet he would never agree to do something like that with me and when someone else confronted him he acted like he did nothing wrong and for some reason began talking about how people shipped them ( and to him that was funny because there was “ no way” it would ever happen) even though no one brought that up and that made me even more upset because like... if people thought that why would he do things to affirm their beliefs? I even asked him that and he denied it saying that they were so close that she was like a sister. Then he brought up how she “ wasn't even that attractive but had nice cheek bones” like that was supposed to help? But then he promised he’d prioritize me more but ever since then I’ve been extremely insecure. As of now he doesn’t mention her much to me minus yesterday when he said if she and his male best friend were safe he wouldn’t mind if the school burnt down which means he still deeply cares for her to some degree. Sorry this is long, it’s kind of a deep rooted insecurity for me but like I don't know if I’m overthinking it or not.


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  • Yeah wth.

    • Ooof.

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    • That’s fair. Honestly I’m just more worried that because I’m not around as much they’ll be able to get away with it.

    • It's completely possible that it is not the case but it is important to make sure there are boundaries. Good luck I guess

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