I STILL have feelings for a 13 year old help read description?

for the record i am and was 16 during the following events and am turning 17 this winter. so this spring a girl i didn't know very well began messaging me and flirting with me and so forth and sooner than later i developed feelings for het as she had for me the thing is she looks like she’s 15 and is as tall a me so when i asked how old she is and she said 14 turning 15 i believed her. well jokes on me cause she is actually 13 and turning 14 NEXT SPRING (2019) i still have feelings for her cause we had really deep conversations and i genuinely liked her but when i found out her actual age i dumped her on the spot to avoid all the destructive and dangerous labels that go with dating someone so young. she still messages me asking if we can start talking again (even tho I've blocked her main instagram account) WHAT DO I DO?


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  • Walk away. Resist talking to her again, because that just seems like shit storm waiting to happen. Spend your time and energy on pursuing someone closer to your age, and someone honest. I think you'll get a much more meaningful relationship that way.


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  • Only three years? That's not at all a bad age difference! I know it may seem weird since you're in your teens, but think about this: the average married couple's age difference is even greater. So why is it a problem in your teens? If age is your only concern, I think you should apologize and give her another chance. HOWEVER, I personally found the fact that she lied a problem of its own that would cost me trust in her, so I recommend putting that into condideration too.
    And if you're worried about "What when I'm 18?" don't be. As long as the relationship started before you were 18, you're safe. (However, definitely do refrain from sex until she is 18.)

    • thanks for your answer but just as a clarification i must ask. do you understand that she is 13 and there would be a full 3 months where she is 13 and i am 17

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    • I know you'll respond with something along the lines of "But you were both 18+ and we're both under 18."
      Again, my counter to that is "So what? You'll both grow older and she'll be 18+ too. THEN it's suddenly okay? So why wasn't it before?"

    • i was honestly just gonna say thanks for the response cause im too tired to formulate a coherent response

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  • That's too young for you, so move on emotionally as well.

    • Her obsessive behavior is also disturbing. Just do not respond to her.

  • Don't hurt her like that. She's just a year younger than she said. Yes, big age difference but do you love her? Does she love you? If so, then talk to her. But keep your relationship clean, no sex for example. That could lead to big legal problems, as well as pregnancy which would screw up her life.
    I am very good friends with a 14 year old girl and she's the sweetest thing. Never met her and never will, she and I just chat a lot about things that are on her mind. But she is dating a guy that is almost 17. Everything I have heard so far, seems like it is a good relationship with them.

    • forgive me for asking but why are you 23 and “very good friends with a 14 year old girl”

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