I ruined it & She won't wanna see me again right?

So me and this girl hooked up in my car, i had a quiet and secluded spot but she insisted on staying close by in a dark area in her neighborhood so we ended up having doing stuff and having sex in the back seat for a good 7 minutes, right after she said it was fast, and i was still super hard so i said we can go round 2 if she wanted, she was down but she said she had to go pee right after, well i forgot to turn off on the front where the car lights go on and my alarm armed its self & the car ended up going off with the lights on i was able to flick those but the alarm was going off and my keys were under our clothing thrown all over the place

I found them and shut the alarm off. No neighbors turned their lights on or anything nor did anyone come out i knew that was pretty embarrassing for her, so she said it killed the mood for her & she didn't wanna be there any longer and said she still had to pee really bad and wanted to go home. On the way back a few blocks away she was pointing out other areas she felt would've been better areas, then i dropped her off and we both said bye and i drove off. I did text her later on tellling her that if she was still down we could do it again and my bad about the situation with the car but i got it down from now on. She said she would hit me up and that was it. Only reason why i even care was because when we were kissing & having sex i felt a strong connection with her.


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  • You may just have a friends with benefits.

    • You think she would still be down? Should i let her hit me up?

    • They get more pissed with you without it meaning they don't like you after you put a dick in it.

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