He won’t text me but looks at my story?

So my friends with benefits is mad at me. I haven’t had my period in 2 weeks and we think I’m pregnant. He doesn’t want to have the baby but I do. Lately we haven’t been texting as much but this is the last thing he wrote “I'm not gonna force myself to be with someone over a kid. no one said you're ugly. I'm not looking for a relationship and you're also too crazy for me” I wrote back but he hasn’t replied. Like I wasn’t crazy for him. I just did a lot for him and got thrown away like garbage! Didn’t expect anything more from him! Anyway, he looks at my stories on IG. Meaning he looks at my pics too. I don’t understand. What does that mean?


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  • He's scared...

    • Scared to reply back?

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    • sorry... for your sake I hope you aren't and you can leave him. Sounds like his daddy taught him well (another sad topic for discussion in the world today... lousy parenting). Like i said, a real man would support you. It takes 2 to create a baby, but 1 can't escape reality.

    • HA you’re right. If I’m not pregnant im never talking to him again. I need a MAN in my life. NOT A KID!

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