How to stop thinking about someone?

My ex boyfriend is an emotional wreck and I had to cut him off before he dragged me down with him.

All his ex girlfriend's stayed in touch with him. I told him I didn't trust him, his ex's, his friends or family.

One of his ex's are the kind of 'nice' girls people praise for putting up with other people's shit.

I wasn't gonna be a 'nice girl'. He os disgusting, a liar and POS. His family and friends condone his behavior.

He'll be like I like this girl and she's my soulmate while randomly playing other women and using them for sec then calling them stupid.

I've never done anything with him or anyone
I haven't touched one hair on his head, but he called me hoe and rude things. He started getting really weird, creepy, invasive and abusive.

He'd go running telling other people I was crazy, a stalker and he doesn't love me?

I'm a quiet introverted girl. He obviously had me fucked up for one of his bird brain party flings. I don't like people in my personal business giving me their unsolicited advice.

But everytime he had a problem with me, hef go on social media. He'd tell random ass girls I didn't know horrible shit about me.

The last straw was when I found out he was lying, using other women for sex, etc. His friends and family knew!!! That's disgusting and evil af.

I deleted my social media and everything when he started talking to me about his drinking and drug issues.

He was like I don't want to grow up. Everytime he has an issue, it's randomly my fault. People I don't even know start attacking me.

I didn't know he was like this at first because it took months.

I think he is weird, creepy and annoying. I just want to stop thinking about it.


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