Why do I like being the other woman?

long story short been talking to a guy for 2 years been the other woman fell in love, he claims to love me to, been on and off, I'm not trying to take his girlfriend place because I know we wouldn't do well in a relationship its all about sex but why do I enjoy this but get all emotional and wrapped up, main question is are mistresses really respected I just want to know how do men really feel about the other woman, are we viewed as just hoes or just simply a 2nd girlfriend for when the 2st one isn't acting right


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  • Why are you accepting the role of 'other woman' when you should be his only woman, seeing as he says he loves you. I don't buy that line and neither should you. If he cared he should not need someone else in his life unless the situation is more complicated than I realize.

    Why do you like being the other woman? Maybe you are afraid of commitment. You want intimacy, but you don't want a relationship.

    Does he respect you? Probably not because you don't respect yourself. I doubt any man can respect a woman whose relationship is based solely on sex.

    Should you continue to do this? Keep in mind that you are hurting someone else's relationship. On the other hand, I believe that there is nothing good or bad, but thinking, makes it so. Continue to do this if you can live with it, but be prepared for the consequences.

    • i wish I knew why I accept it, I don't mind being there for him for what he needs smh, I know it sounds terrible but I admitted to myself that it is what it is now. 2years of this has gone by so we have a little time in, I use to try to prove it to him (in the worst ways) that I was better than she was all I ever really wanted was equal respect but knowing that I met him on a (sex only) term I knew in the back of my head that respect was going to be an issue so after giving up on trying to take

    • him I focused more on getting respect and wanting the treatment she got I figured after a year that he cud handle two women but that wasn't the case, I went 3months without him but I cudnt do it I'm weak as sh*t when it comes to him smh its so much more to our story I jus wanna know why I'm so dedicated to him and if men really do care for the other woman

    • I'm really sorry that you're going through this. If being around him hurts you this much though I think that you should definitely try to find happiness elsewhere. You sound like a really sweet girl and there are plenty of guys who are worth your time. You just need someone who is exciting so that they satisfy your impulses..? lol. But remember, you are not weak unless you tell yourself that you are. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Know your worth even if he doesn't see it.

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  • We love both of them, equally, but in different ways.

    I just got through some drama with two-timing, it really isn't pretty, and I don't think I'll make that mistake again. One completes your romantic side, and the other completes your sexual side. It's not a "one or the other" situation, and it's kind of sucks for the guy stuck in between, because he feels like he has to choose but can't.

    I've been cheated on, and cheated, and the raw truth of it is that you can't have sex without love.

    And as far as why you do it, its why we all do it - we all like what we can't have. Think about it - if he was all yours and didn't taste of the "forbidden fruit", would you be as willing to have sex with him?

    • your answer gave hope lol I swear cuhs I really wanna know how I've been looked at these past two years thanks man

  • Honestly, from a guy's point of view, the other woman is just an easy way to get sex on the side. If he truly loved you he wouldn't still be with his girlfriend. As far as the respect thing goes, it doesn't even come into the equation. Mistresses are not given the same amount of respect as his main girlfriend, especially if it's only based on sex. When the sh*t hits the fan, 9 times out of 10 he is going to side with his girlfriend over you.


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  • I think in some cases it has to do with commitment issues. In other words you like things as they are and want nothing more. Most people are not okay with this but some people are and that's all they want.

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