How do you know when a guy is dating you with the intent to marry you and how do you know when he isn’t dating you with that intent?

What signs do you look for?


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  • if he is dating you he should be doing it to get to know you before deciding if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. if he has decided he wants you as his wife from the start thats just as bad as deciding he would never marry you

    • Okay so me and my boyfriend have only been together going on a year in October. We have moved in together. I cook he works I work we spilt bills. I’m only 18 he’s 23, is it too soon to be thinking about marriage?

    • well you could talk about it with him i guess but dont push him

  • By talking with him about it.

  • Talks about having kids someday and getting married

    • Okay so does him tagging you in post/memes of quotes saying things like “One day I will marry you.” Or tagging you in couple videos count?

    • Yeah that sounds like a good sign

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