Should I be more straight with her?

Right, so I've been texting this girl for last few weeks. Met a few times to get food and just chill, I've always got the food for both of us (paid for) but I've never said "do you wanna go out on a date to XXX" Basically its just been "wanna go get food or whatever"

But yesterday asked her does she have any plans tomorrow which she doesn't so I asked her does she "wanna do anything for tomorrow, don't worry about the bill" We're going to a prober good restaurant.

Do you think that this will show I'm interested or do I need to be more blunt about making it more of a date so she knows that I'm interested?
  • She should you're interested and its a date
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  • Be more straight that it's a date
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  • Probably Need to make it more clear that you see it as a date, and that will be even more clear if you add a fun activity to the trip to the Restaurant.


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