What is he looking for?

I met this guy at a party a week and a half ago (saturday) and we're having a date on Wednesday. It took so long because was too busy in the last week. But in the mean time we have been texting like, every day. It's mostly him who initiates the conversation, because I don't think it's neccesary to text every day. Why does he want to text every day?

Also, I've noticed a few things. The snaps he sends are sometimes of him with no shirt on, like he wants to show off his body (in a pretty obvious way) and he sends video's of him playing volleyball (without a shirt) which is also him showing off. I don't really like when guys show off a lot. He also sends a lot of "xx" after messages.
But we also have really fun conversations about common interests. I do think he is genuiely interested in getting to know me. But I'm not so sure what he is looking for.

So I am wondering:
Why is he sending x?
Why is he showing off so much?
Why is he texting me every day?


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  • I'd say that he has some interest in you and maybe he wants to see where it goes. If I like a girl I probably do want to talk to her everyday because you know why? Because if I like her then that means I'm thinking about her often! So with him maybe he think about you often. Maybe he sent you that snap just to see how you would react. That's what he was thinking. I don't think that just friends would send pics of their body to a girl who is just his "friend".

    • I know he doesn't see me as a friend. But I think it is a bit weird to send shirtless pics before the first date

    • True. Then you better send a signal or message that you don't care or want that. That could be a red flag but hey maybe you'll see where it goes

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