Is she cheating? App suggests she might be?

My girlfriend uses an app to track her periods and she logs whenever she was intimate with anyone on this app. I was away for a week but the app said she had sex on two occasions whilst I was away. She insists it was a mistake. I believe her but, should I?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean, she's an utter moron for tracking her cheating (well, and cheating in the first place) and she's obviously lying about the "mistake". If you are on her phone checking that app, it tells you didn't trust her in the first place, so why did you believe her?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I’m about as clueless as you are. Years ago I learned something from watching a cartoon of all things. A man was caught making out with a woman in a photograph (he was unwilling but his wife couldn’t tell) his wife took the picture tore it up and said “I know (insert husbands name) and he’s not this type of guy so I’m sure there’s a reason for this picture.” She had such confidence in her husband that she saw the evidence and still chose to let him explain and trusted his explanation. What’s amazing about this to me isn’t her choice but rather his character. He had such a trustworthy character that his wife felt confident in her choice to continue trusting him. So my answer to your question is does your girlfriend have a character like this? Are you willing to take the risk and trust her. And if not the answer may not be to break up but it should definitely cause some kind of reaction. Are you with her for the right reasons? Do you really understand her that well. Could she become more trustworthy to you over time and what’s necessary for that. I’d advise trusting her but using this as a conversation point if you’d like the relationship to continue. And if you’re unsure if you’d like things to continue it may help to look inward and determine why that is and if that’s something that can be dealt with.


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  • The fact you are even checking already says you don't trust her

  • If you like her then just get on with the relationship and hopebthis is at most a blip


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