Would I make a horrible doctor?

I went through a bad relationship where I threatened to kill, rape and force my ex boyfriend to impregnate me.

Then I worked to low paying ass summer jobs and realized I was a crazy ass teen and went to college.

I feel bad because I said that to him. But he did some weird ass shit to me too, plus he was older and he kept trying to do it so I cut him off.

I'm a virgin and I never masturbated. I'd like to believe I have lots of self control but I feel bad.


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  • Well I personally believe that people are truly capable of change. I say this because I believe I have changed for the better during college.
    It sounds to me like you're just growing up, and that's not at all something to be ashamed of.

    So now that you have grown up, I trust your ability to be a good doctor.
    And besides, none of what you said even relates to doctoral skills anyway.


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  • Well, you clearly had issues as a kid and yeah, that's pretty abusive. But, if you're past it now, you should be fine. I would still maybe see a shrink, just to be sure.


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  • Ummm, depends on why you're becoming a doctor.

    • Cause I like learning and seeing blood, organs and bones. I'd like to work with cancer patients and help kids with cancer.

    • As long as you're mentality stable and doing it to help people then I think you'll be a good doctor.

      I have a huge dislike in the doctors who become doctors cause it pays well.

    • I just want a nice modest house, nice economic car, and to take vacations.

  • Sounds more like a horrible person than a horrible doctor. I wouldn't worry about that though, many doctors are horrible people.

    • I'm the asshole? I never told anyone I was going to rape, murder, and falsely impregnate them.

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  • What does becoming doctor have to do with anything you've just said?

  • I wouldn’t want you to be my doctor. You sound crazy


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