Friends say me and my boyfriend are too “friendly” and too much like mates?

Me and my boyfriend are always joking around and taking the piss out of each other and having fake arguments on twitter and shit like he’ll take the piss out of me, I’ll post and embarrassing old photo of him and he’ll put something like “Your sleeping on the fucking sofa tonight!!” We also take the piss by being really lovey Dovey. For example on his birthday I snap chatted “happy birthday my one true love. I love remembering all the good times we’ve had together like when we were playing football and having a 5 a side game and you belted the ball and it hit a middle aged woman in the face.
Thanks for carrying me on pro clubs,
from your love Rosie xx”
I then attached a photo of us sitting on some stairs ironically making gang signs and pouting. We find it hard to be serious so barely argue and are always just joking around. Our friends say we are too much like mates? What does that even mean?


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  • They are probably just sick of your overly exposed PDA.

    • But it’s only taking the piss. If anything it’s taking the piss out of PDA since I’m obviously joking when I say “happy birthday my one true love” apart from him belting a middle aged woman in the face that wasn’t a joke. 😂 But our mates say “couples don’t normally take the piss out of each other that’s more what mates do”

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