Does a guy getting your name tattooed mean he loves you?

My boyfriend left his ex to be with me going on a year ago in October and a while ago he was still texting her, being flirty trying to have sex with her but we argue a lot and the other day we had a argument and was talking through text and he told me he was gonna get my name tattooed and that he doesn’t care about how much we argue because he wants me In his life and he loves me. I believe he loves me more than he ever loved his ex. He never tattooed her name. We also live together.


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What Guys Said 2

  • For sure, but sounds a bit stupid thing to do even in love.

  • Means he's retarded.

    • That's makes him even more retarded.

      Side note: you can cover tattoos. If he's using this as a loyalty test type of thing I wouldn't fall for it. He sounds like a douchebag.

What Girls Said 1

  • No, it means he's prone to making stupid decisions and not thinking anything through.


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