Could he just be trying to blind side me and telling me what I want to hear?

okay so a month ago, my boyfriend was still texting his ex, the ex he cheated on with me. Flirting, catching up with her, having normal conversation but also attempting to have sex with her and sending pictures of his penis to her. Now he hasn’t talked to her since but we still have arguments about other things. We had a argument yesterday and today he was texting me about how he’s gonna get both of our initials tattooed on him and then I thought about how we both should get each others initials. He also told me he doesn’t care about how much we argue, he wants me in his life and he loves me. My friend believes if we both end up getting tattoos of each other he’s still gonna cheat and the only reason he will do it is to make me believe he loves me just that much and to get me to stay and stick around.


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  • You’re an idiot. He’s a proven cheater. How can you ever trust him? You really think he won’t cheat on you? Really? Don’t stupid women like you ever think about these things?

    • But what guy would get him and his girlfriends initials tattooed on him if he didn’t care?

    • A player. It’s a form of manipulation. You didn’t answer my question. You really think you can trust him knowing 100% he’s a cheater? Are you really this stupid?

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