Girl I like is confusing me and im a wreck?

Okay so my coworker that Im really into totally friend zoned this other coworker of mine and upon "further inspection" I found out she is kinda seeing someone but kinda not in her words.
I asked her friend about it and she said she had been seeing this one dude for like 2 years and at one point they were dating but now they aren't even though they didn't technically break up, she had told me she was single when I first asked her about herself when I got to talking to her...



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  • Hmm, This is a tricky one.
    So it sounds like you should speak directly to the girl you like and maybe not her friend.
    Just so you can be completely clear and updated on what's going on.
    Than make your move.
    If she was really invested in this other guy.
    She would make it clear she was with him. So try to find out as much as you can be clear on if she's still interested in him or not.
    If she is than you will have to let her go unfortunately.
    It would be a lost cause.
    Also you should maybe give her sometime to get over it.
    If she is done with him.
    Stick around and help her out and just see where it all goes and if it doesn't workout...
    they're are so many other ladies out there!

    • Im not sure how to approach that kind of conversation, do I just bluntly ask her what the guy mean to you are something along those lines or do I do my BS thing where I set up a conversation to breach that question?

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    • Just get to know her and it will be easier to tell her about how you feel about her.

    • No, problem and goodluck! I hope it all works our for you! Keep me posted.

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