Cuddling Friends or More what is this confusion?

I've known this girl on/off for 5+ years. We've gone our separate ways for a while, but slowly reconnected in the last year. We've hung probably 15 times since March and things have gotten progressively further on a regular basis, but never gotten there.

About the 5th time we hung out I tried to kiss her and got turned down. She reverted back to what she said when we first started talking again that she wanted a platonic relationship and her reasoning for turning me down was that she was casually seeing someone else. This person has been out of the picture for a while now.

I left her alone and told her that I wanted to apologize at some point and explain my actions. A month went by and she eventually reached out. I apologized and told her that I felt she was leading me on and didn't get much of a response about it she didn't deny it or acknowledge it and we went our separate ways.

Then she invited me to go out clubbing on a Friday I turned her down and said I could do Saturday. We went clubbing alone together she danced with me and gave me a back massage and went home with me. We slept/cuddled. We have hung almost exclusively 1 on 1 and the last 4-5 times have ended with us sleeping and cuddling she seems interested. She just doesn't want to progress despite me trying.

Whats the deal here I've never had a women who will act interested every time we talk, feel comfortable every time we hang out. Initiates pays for things, touches you, has fun, but doesn't want to progress. I've tried giving it time. I feel like I need to lay down some groundwork.. She hasn't said the word platonic in 4 months and our cuddling was fairly sexual. I haven't tried to kiss her again because I feel like the onus is on her if she wants to progress. However, she hasn't...

So I'm like do I just ask her what are we?
What do you want?
I want to take you out on a date?
I want to be more then friends with you?
The signals you're giving me are confusing what are we?

Some other version...


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