How to make a perfect kiss?

I've never kissed a girl before and I'm curious if there's a certain way to do it. Not like make out but just a long kiss.


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  • Explaining how to kiss your first kiss, is somewhat difficult because it is you, and whatever you are feeling. There is no real certain way of doing it. However, some girls like soft, passionate ones, whereas other prefer faster lustful ones. Now, the best way to inititate a kiss if you are nervous, is to first kiss her on the cheek or lips lightly. When you are ready for "the big move," part your lips slightly, and touch her lips with yours. Make sure you do go one way though, so you avoid bumping noses! Haha. If she wants/likes it, she will reciprocate. I hope that has a little bit helped. First kisses can be nerve racking! Just relax, and enjoy.


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