Is it possible that my boyfriend is only feeding me lies because he needs a place to stay? I don’t want to believe that but my friends have wondering?

Me and my boyfriend will be together going on a year in two weeks. His dad and step mom, once he was done with job Corp, where we met, pretty much kicked him out because he didn’t have a steady job after Job Corp and the reason he went to Job Corp because he didn’t have a steady job. That didn’t bother me, when they kicked him out he came to live with me at my moms house. Now we have both moved to Missouri, with our two cars, and got a small apartment together. A month ago he was still in communication with his ex. The other day we got into a argument, not over his ex, we just argue a lot. He works, but he works as a manger at a small Missouri gas station. I work as well. I’m bringing in a little more money than he is. After our argument the other day, we started texting and he was telling me how he doesn’t care how much we fight, he wants me in his life and he loves me and that he’s gonna get my name tattooed.


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  • If you are constantly arguing over simple things without compromise that can be a red flag. However everyone gets into arguements and that can be something that you need to work on together in order to strengthen your relationship. Of course it's possible that he's using you for a place to stay but if he says that he wants to work things out and that he loves you do you have a reason not to believe him? Trust your intuition, if it makes you uncomfortable that he's in contact with his his ex make that known to him. Communication in a relationship is key as well as trust. When money gets tight it can absolutely be a stresser however you both have to be willing to put the effort forth if you really value it. 💜

    • I want to believe him but the conversation he was having with his ex wasn’t just catching up. I mean it was catching up but it was more. He was flirting and without actually saying it directly to her, he was pretty Much telling her how he misses sex with her and would do it again if he had the opportunity. They broke up going on almost a year ago after she found out he was dealing with me while with her.

    • I would make your suspicions known to him if you are comfortable with it. If he truly values your relationship and you as a partner he should have absolutely no problem with not contacting her again. Remember that you have the leverage in this situation and if it truly bothers you this can be the telling point of whether or not he truly is using you.

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