My crush blocked me as soon as I asked him to hang out?

here's the context of it, would appreciate you're guy's opinion.

Basically this guy I spoke to online a few years ago reached out to me again after a year and a half, told me he was single and everything. He would almost religiously message me each weekend and would ask a lot of questions about me, i felt kinda self absorbed because he would make me talk about myself a fair amount. But we were never stuck for conversation, and we seemed to bounce off one another. The last time we spoke he suggested we go to a gig together we both love metal a lot. So I thought that was promising. A week before i put the feelers out, and told him i'd be in his area on a weekend in the near future and that it would be good to see him IRL. he said that that sounded like a good idea. So again it seemed positive right?

This weekend I messaged him and told him i'd be going to check out some art next weekend (we both like art too) and wondered if he'd be up for coming with.
The following morning I notice that i'd been blocked by him on WhatsApp, but noticed that he didn't block me on Snapchat. odd behaviour right?
I'm 26, and he's 32 so i'd honestly expect a little more mature means of communication. Just really shocked. What do you guys think?

I don't understand why someone would invest so much of their life only to vanish as soon as it gets a little real.


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  • Just move on and laugh at it

    • at first it annoyed me, but yeah now it's funny to me that a grown ass dude is still playing petty games lol. thanks x

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