Does he sound interested?

I added this guy on Facebook because I thought he was super attractive and I’ve seen him around before. He messaged me and told me that I’m gorgeous and he wanted to hangout and go to the river ( not sexual lol ) one night he was out and i had my friend over he and his friend picked us up and we just talked and hung out. A few days later him and I hung out alone and ended up hooking up. He told me he doesn’t “ make love “ with people he doesn’t know very well and he hadn't been intimate since his last relationship a few months ago. He has been asking me to hangout more and will text me and ask me how my day is and things like that and be a little flirty. Do you think he is interested in me?


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  • He seems to be showing signs of genuine interest in you and making exceptions for you so I would say that it's likely. You should absolutely ask him his feelings for you as that is the best way to find out. 💜

    • I will! I just have to hangout with him a bit more so i don’t seem crazy lol

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    • Thank you 😘

    • No problem 😊

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