I love one, have deep emotions for the other, and like the third?

I still love my ex and I know she still loves me too but she’s mad at me and is being held in a relationship of toxic levels and she doesn’t wanna have any interactions with me at all. The other girl is someone who we have had a crush on one another for years and we both were open about it and wanna get together but I’m not sure about it. The third is this girl who I went on a date with once two years ago and she popped back up and has been nice to me and shown that she likes me and I kinda like her too. I’m torn on all of this and I really do love my ex and would do anything to at least be friends with her again. I know she still has deep emotions for me too just won’t admit it. The other wants to get together and uhhh... smash... and stuff. By the third is the different one, she’s completely different in every way. I’m torn and upset about this, who should I choose to pursue?


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  • Avoid all 3 mate. All 3 are toxic, you do not want to be with anyone them. YOu are being manipulated. find the book called Manipulated man by Ester V. read it and start seeing what they are doing.


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