Why do I feel like my boyfriend doesn't care about me enough?

The goods about our relationship
he introduced me to his family and friends (but very early on in the relationship)
he brings me food and stuff when im laying in bed and cooks for me
he puts up with me yelling at him and my paranoia, when I always ask if he's cheating

The bads in our relationship
he lied to me several times
he used to stare at girls but now he just looks
he still texts his exes but says theyre talking as friends and his ex also said there's nothing going on
I feel that he likes hanging with his friends more
his mom doesn't like me
many girls are attracted to him
he comes with me to see the psych


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you're feeling really insecure (good reason maybe or not). Sit him down and have a heart to heart with him and tell him your insecurities and why you have them. If he knows, he might be able to help you. Example if he knows that texting his ex's bothers you, maybe he'll avoid it? The only thing I see as a "real" problem here (by real I mean serious) is him lying to you in the past. Does he still? That is a serious problem for sure. And if he continues to do it, maybe consider ending it and finding someone better for you.

    • He says him and his ex are just platonic friends and I asked her and she said the same.

  • If he cooks for you he cares enough. Try making friends with his mom.


What Girls Said 1

  • dump him, he can’t be texting his ex when he’s dating you that’s just wrong. lying is really a no no in a relationship, you guys shouldn’t have trust issues.

    • what if its just once in a while that they text

    • that’s still wrong... it’s his ex. they can develop feelings for each other

    • what if she's in a relationship too and she tells me my boyfriend is really trustworthy

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